Research carried out in 2012 evaluated the effect of the royal jelly on body weight, total daily energy needs, and macronutrient intake in type 2 diabetic females. The experiment involved 50 volunteers aging between 30-65 who were overweight and diabetic females having a BMI of about 25-30 kg/m². Half of the volunteers received 1000 mg royal jelly for eight weeks and the rest, as a control group, none.  The results of the study demonstrated that the bodyweight, total daily energy, and carbohydrate intakes of diabetic women received royal jelly as a supplement decreased significantly, in contrary to the increase in the control group during the trial. The scientists suggested that royal jelly may be helpful in the regulation of the level of blood sugar and controlling the bodyweight of people with diabetics.

Pourmoradian S, Mahdavi R, Mobasseri M, Faramarzi E, Mobasseri M, Effects of Royal Jelly Supplementation on Body Weight and Dietary Intake in Type 2 Diabetic Females, Health Promotion Perspectives, Vol. 2, No. 2, 2012; P: 231-235. Scientific Publications